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how would you describe your aesthetic?

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Srsly tell me if I reblog something that isn’t sourced to its creator bc some asshole reposted it. Im literally just going through tags and reblogging whatever catches my eye and hoping either that the OP created it or it’s public domain as fuck


1. They were rowed to the sound of music on the waters of their host’s private canal.
2. They overran the house without loss of time.
3. You shall go in, and take your place among the ladies you saw there!
4. Then Blue Beard roared out so terribly that he made the whole house tremble.
Edmund Dulac illustrations for Bluebeard in The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales from the Old French by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, 1910 


Favourite Artworks:

'The War and Us'  by Edward Okuń.


Edward Okuń was a Polish freemason and Art Nouveau painter. He painted landscapes, portraits, designed covers and llustrated magazines, including the German magazine “Jugend”.


French Interactive Designer Filipe Vilas-Boas has created an awesome and beautiful way to turn peoples’ thoughts into shooting stars and constellations. Entitled Shooting Thoughts, Villas-Boas’ interactive art installation enables people to create their own unique constellations on the spectacular vaulted ceiling of Saint-Eustache Church in Paris, France.

Visitors create their constellations using their mobile phones by sending text messages to a certain number. The text messages are received by a computer program which translates them into instructions for a network of lasers mounted on the cathedral’s pillars. The lasers then project the patterns created by the software and, when certain beams of light align, a large cross is generate in the center of the ceiling.

Villas-Boas says, “Like all of us, each star finds its place at its own speed with its individual trajectory.”

Click here for a brief video demonstration of Shooting Thoughts.

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